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The 2011 HIMSS conference gets underway this weekend in Orlando, Fla. For the fifth year in a row, I interviewed HIMSS President and CEO H. Steven Lieber to preview the annual conference.

Check Health Data Management's HIMSS microsite Friday and MobiHealthNews next week for write-ups of parts of this interview, but this is the only place you can hear the whole thing. 

The audio is pretty clear, but you may hear faint music in the background. The recorder seems to have picked up some radio interference. That’s not entirely unexpected in a downtown Chicago office building, namely HIMSS headquarters at 230 E. Ohio St. Ah, well. Enjoy the podcast, and I'll see you in Orlando.

Podcast details: Interview with HIMSS CEO Steve Lieber. MP3, stereo, 128 kbps, 30.6 MB. Running time 33:26

0:30 Attendance "well in excess of 30,000"
1:00 Increasing interest in health IT because of meaningful use
1:35 ICD-10 and 5010 somewhat “sidelined” but still important
2:40 The march toward meaningful use
3:00 25 percent of membership already at Stage 1 meaningful use
4:20 "Uncertainty" about future stages replacing confusion about what Stage 1 meaningful use is
5:15 Questions about whether early Stage 1 attestation shortens the timeline for Stage 2
6:00 Efforts by some new members of Congress to repeal or cut funding to HITECH
7:30 Questions about meaningful use he hears from HIMSS members
8:40 Balancing meaningful use with 5010 and ICD-10 compliance efforts
12:00 Incentives from private payers
12:40 Quality vs. cost savings
14:00 Public perception of healthcare reform
16:10 PPACA hasn’t had time to make an impact yet
16:55 Expectations for David Blumenthal’s HIMSS keynote and politicization of health IT
19:10 Speculation about next national coordinator?
21:25 New, parallel HIT X.0 conference-within-a-conference
24:30 Mobile and wireless technology at HIMSS and in healthcare
27:10 Hype cycle in mobile apps
28:10 Home care and telehealth reimbursement
30:00 Technology and ACOs
31:00 Berwick speaking at HIMSS this year after several previous attempts to get him


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One of the more interesting figures in health IT is Evan Steele, the outspoken CEO of ambulatory EMR vendor SRSsoft. For years, Steele pushed his Montvale, N.J.-based company’s “hybrid” EMR as a product that won't slow down "high-performance" physicians. After passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, Steele openly boasted that his customers—mostly specialists—were prepared not to receive bonuses for "meaningful use," a program he believes is skewed toward primary care.

Recently though, Steele has shifted his stance. SRSsoft has rebranded "hybrid" EMR as SRS EHR and now is seeking certification so customers can qualify for the federal incentive program. What makes Steele tick and what led to his change of heart? This podcast provides some answers.

I apologize for the audio quality. I was using a new telephone recording device, and clearly don’t have the settings right. I edited this on an airplane, and the recording was tolerable. Just listen with a bunch of background noise and it’ll be fine. :)

Podcast details: Interview with Evan Steele, CEO of SRSsoft. MP3, stereo, 128 kbps, 27.8 MB. Running time 28:22.

0:57 "Hybrid" EMR and physician productivity
1:40 Change in direction for the company with certification
2:15 What has and hasn’t changed with the product itself
3:10 Still targeting "high-performance" physicians
5:25 Why he says SRS EHR won’t slow physicians down
6:40 Documentation options
7:30 Why he believes Stage 1 meaningful use is skewed toward primary care
9:40 Changes in final regulations that focus on specialists
10:35 Why SRS is seeking certification now
13:00 Differences between SRS and other vendors
14:00 Physician confusion about meaningful use
15:40 "Unnatural" elements for specialists in meaningful use
16:30 Innovation being "sapped" from marketplace
17:00 Gamble of the stimulus
18:15 How SRS is innovating within the confines of the new rules
20:00 Expectations for HIMSS11
22:05 What SRS gets out of going to HIMSS
23:30 SRS’ niche among large, enterprise systems vendors
26:20 Message for HIMSS attendees


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