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The folks at Trinity Health in Novi, Mich., are in the midst of a massive rollout of health information technology that eventually will cover 24 hospitals in seven states--and have the third-largest clinical data repository in the nation, behind only the Department of Veterans Affairs and Kaiser Permanente. Called Project Genesis, the effort has not been widely publicized (not for lack of trying--I pitched the story to a couple of editors last year and was turned down).

While meeting last week with Narendra Kini, M.D., Trinity Health's executive vice president for clinical and physician services, I decided to turn the recorder on and let him explain Project Genesis for the masses (or at least the few hundred people who will find this page). This podcast is the result.

Podcast details: MP3, mono, 64 kbps, 5.7 MB, running time 12:30.

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Meet the Bloggers event at HIMSS 2006, Feb. 12, 2006. MP3, mono, 64 kbps, 6.5 MB, running time 14:16.
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This is my interview with Misys Healthcare Systems CEO Tom Skelton about consolidation among health IT vendors. We recorded it on Feb. 1, the day Misys announced its acquisition of Payerpath and the day after the president’s State of the Union address, and we refer to the events of "today" and "last night" in the podcast. I waited a week to post it because I used the interview for a story that ran in this week’s Health-IT World. Never bite the hand that feeds you!

The quality of recordings made from the telephone line varies quite a bit, and the sound has not been the best on my two most recent podcasts, including this one. I went shopping on eBay recently and I’m expecting to get better recordings in person at HIMSS next week with the audio equipment I picked up.

Podcast details:

Interview with Misys Healthcare Systems CEO Tom Skelton on HIT industry consolidation. MP3, mono, 64kbps, 5.9 MB, running time 12:53

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:40 Misys acquisition of Payerpath
  • 1:10 Payerpath’s fit within current Misys operations
  • 3:20 Data capture and data mining for clinical improvement
  • 4:55 Standards and certification for ambulatory EHRs
  • 7:02 Consolidation in health IT industry
  • 9:40 Impact of consolidation on customers
  • 11:08 What potential customers should consider
  • 12:08 Skelton’s "elevator speech" about Misys
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    William Yasnoff, M.D., former National Health Information Infrastructure director in the Department of Health and Human Services, has created a new business model for community-wide health information exchange, which he calls the eHealthTrust. Now a private healthcare consultant in Arlington, Va., Yasnoff recently landed its first eHealthTrust customer, the Louisville Health Information Exchange. In this podcast, he explains the concept and discusses a current request for proposals for the Louisville project.

    Podcast details:

    Interview with William Yasnoff, M.D., on the "eHealthTrust" concept. MP3, mono, 64kbps, 21 MB, running time 45:59.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:50 Issues with building National Health Information Network
  • 4:45 Winning stakeholder cooperation
  • 6:20 HIPAA and patient ownership of medical records
  • 7:20 Financial sustainability of regional health networks
  • 9:48 Business case for the eHealthTrust
  • 10:40 An untapped source of revenue
  • 11:45 Consumer awareness of EHRs
  • 13:10 Public trust and consumer access to their own health information
  • 15:10 Why there should be centralized health databases
  • 17:55 Usability of search functions in an eHealthTrust
  • 19:30 Financial consequences of decentralization
  • 22:25 Components of an eHealthTrust
  • 23:30 Security and operational considerations
  • 26:35 Explanation of eHealthTrust business model
  • 31:25 Participation of Medicare/Medicaid/uninsured patients
  • 34:50 Louisville Health Information Exchange
  • 37:15 Services offered to patients
  • 41:13 Louisville contract bidding process
  • 45:18 For more information
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